My name is Nikola Mężyńska and I am currently 14 years old. As you can see in the pictures, I am a tall, slim girl with an unusual look, probably because of my hair color. I am the so called “Ginger Girl”. I am from Poland, but live and study in the Netherlands.

I dreamed of a modeling career since I was a kid, as a 2-year-old I dressed up in different outfits, put on my grandmother’s jewelry and posed in front of a mirror. My parents took pictures of me knowing that it gave me a lot of joy. As long as I can remember it has been my passion and a plan for the rest of my life, which I will now implement. Besides school and modeling my hobby is dancing.

In 2020 I was a student at Gosia Leitner’s Avant School of Models, where I got to gain a lot of experience, both posing and walking the catwalk. So far I have had several photo sessions, in Poland and abroad.

My motto is the words: “Make your dreams come true.”

So for those who thought I couldn’t, check me out.

Hair color: Red which turns into blonde

Eye color: Green-blue

Length: 171 cm

Chest: 79 cm

Waist: 60 cm

Hips: 89 cm